Žemaitijos Volvo (in English, The Samogitian Volvo) club was established by three Volvo enthusiasts and friends, Mantas, Tomas and Dovydas, on April 14, 2016.

Different professions, different attitude and different personal character traits, connected to common objective, gave a perfect result – an organisation, in which every fan of Volvo cars will find his/her place, irrespective of his/her age, gender, religion, workplace, financial state and even the model or age of the Volvo car driven.



The main and most important objective of the club is to satisfy the social, technical and informational needs of the enthusiasts of Žemaitijos Volvo as well as to guarantee the connection of the community of Volvo drivers to the global family of Volvo enthusiasts.



We cannot distinguish any value in our activity which would be more important or higher than others. To love one’s own Volvo, to drive safely, to respect other drivers, to take part in the movement of the congenial people – all this is only a small part of values of that what we call VOLVO.



Club – the participation of the members of the club in local and foreign jamborees, camps and sport matches of Volvo clubs.

Informational – priceless experience and knowledge which are shared by all members of the club.

Technical – the possibility of the members of the club to use exceptional discounts, applied by the partners – suppliers of the club to the parts of Volvo, technical maintenance and repair, computer diagnostics, car service, etc.

Educational – periodically held trainings and seminars, intended for Volvo drivers and technical personnel servicing Volvo cars.